• WHY You Need This

    Three reason why people need BVOY solutions

    You've had enough.

    You could be at the top of your game, however, you know your behaviours, habits and lifestyle will be your downfall. You might be partying too much, have hidden and unhealthy addictions or you might be hanging out with the wrong crowd.

    Success is eluding you.

    You may be doing everything right. You follow the scripts, you do the actions asked of you, you wear the popular clothes, drive the latest car, yet success, real success seems to be eluding you. You just can't seem to crack the big time or have lasting success.

    You're ready to launch.

    You've done all the formal training, attended all the seminars, read all the books, have your great idea and you may even have the plan, however, you don't know how to bring it all together. You might just need the winning routines and the focused game plan to get "Project You" off the ground.

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  • BVOY Solutions

    Choose the pathway to being the Best Version of You

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    Best Version of You Bootcamp

    9 Module program designed to unleash your full potential

    A potent 9 module program designed to arm you with the skills and resources required to be the Best Version of You. This powerful and proven combination of workbooks and videos is designed to unleash your full potential.

    Click HERE for more details.

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    Best Version of You Keynote

    Turn up the energy & inspiration at your event

    Shane Kempton is a professional speaker with over 2 decades of public speaking and MC experience. If you are looking for someone to raise the energy and engagement levels, consider Shane for your next event. His "Best Version of You" keynote inspires people to take immediate action and to unleash their full potential. Click HERE to find out more.

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    Your Best Days Are Ahead Of You

    Reverse the Rut & Unleash the best version of you

    A book about how to unleash your full potential by becoming the best version of you. Shane Kempton believes you have all the resources you need to be successful within you. You just need to unleash them. This book will take you on a journey of discovery that will reveal your unique gifts, how you can live them out loud and live a fulfilled life. Click HERE to register your interest and to receive a FREE chapter.

  • Introducing Shane Kempton

    Business coach, leadership mentor, former CEO and ex-soldier in the Australian army and founder of Best Version of You.

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    Founder of the BVOY

    Coach - Mentor - Speaker

    6 foot 4 inches tall and 110kg, Shane Kempton is born, bred and proudly Western Australian and a firm believer that we can all unleash our full potential and achieve success in life by becoming the "Best Version of Ourselves".


    From serving his country as a Soldier in the Australian Army working alongside the SASR, to respected business owner of Australia’s Number 1 real estate office and CEO of three national groups to being the co-author of two books and Founder and President of a Military Motorcycle Club that looks after our latest service veterans, Shane has experienced life and business from many walks of life and at the highest level of the corporate world.


    He attributes his success and that of the people he has lead and works with, through his passion and commitment to personal development.


    Coaching and mentoring a variety of people and companies across many industries, Shane understands that the principles of success, leadership and fulfillment are the same for individuals and teams alike. These same success principles took his real estate office to Number 1 in Australia, OTOC Australia from $2million to $50million in 4 years whilst he was Chairman and the Joondalup Brothers Rugby Union Club to Minor and Major Premiers where he was proudly President and “Club Captain”.


    Blessed with four healthy children and three grandchildren, Shane loves family and has a strong sense of community responsibility, giving back n various ways, including hosting Sir Richard Branson for Breakfast and raising in excess of $160,000 for charity.


    Above all, Shane loves helping his clients reset their routines, master their personal discipline, develop a compelling vision for their life and achieve success without the side effects so they can be the very best version of themselves.